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Trick Language Styles Formatting Deliberately to Control the Narrative

Taking Back Control of What You’re Reading, and Hearing are Your Responsibilities]

Key Words: Journalese, media, brevity, languages, social media, followers, influencers, subscribers, following, click the bell, style, journalists, reporters, amusement, thumbs up, colorful, and narratives.

Journalese is the artificial or hyperbolic, and sometimes over-abbreviated, language regarded as characteristic of the news style used in popular media. is the artificial or hyperbolic, and sometimes over-abbreviated, language regarded as characteristic of the news style used in popular media.

Journalese are often used as colorful language, and some people regard journalese simply with…

Blood 🩸 is a body fluid in humans and other animals that delivers necessary substances such as nutrients and oxygen to the cells and transports metabolic waste products away from those same cells.

This is a Odyssey for me, for the diving deep into writing about The Odyssey, for the very first time, my first relationship about blood dates back to the Bible, as in my opening of this essay; this mythical journey into a poem of this magnificent, creates an phenomenon too explore even if you’re not entrenched into literature…and exciting venture in ideology.

Bible Introduction of Blood Reference

H2O2 becomes H2O + O-Bio-Oxidative Formula

Noteworthy: All viruses contain nucleic acid, either DNA or RNA (but not both), and a protein coat, which encases the nucleic acid. Some viruses are also enclosed by an envelope of fat and protein molecules. In its infective form, outside the cell, a virus particle is called a virion.

The invention of man-made antibiotics, beginning in the 1920s, was a revolution in medical science. However, as a strategy for fighting infection it is clearly second best, as the body itself demonstrates. When the body is challenged with an infection, it first turns to hydrogen…

What Food Sources You Can Consume (Berries)

Viruses May Contain Either DNA or RNA as their Genetic Material.

Medical Disclaimer: The Content is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always seek the advice of your physician or other medical and professional. The Content is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition or any foods that make any claims for preventing any diseases or challenges.


Artists of the Harlem Renaissance Period

Art History


Pages 450 in the book “Framing America, Vol. 2, Frances K. Pohl

Period Key Artists and Authors: Augusta Savage, Aaron Douglas, Hale Woodruff, James Lesesne Wells, Archibald John Motley, Beauford Delaney, Meta Vaux Warrick Fuller, James van der Zee, Palmer Hayden, Jacob Lawrence, W.E.B. Du Bois, Allen Lohan Crite

The Harlem Renaissance was an influential movement of African-American art, literature, music, and theatre. The time period that influenced art movement emerged after the First World War, and was active through the Great Depression of the 1930s until the start of the…

A Mentality…Possibly

Jim Crow and White Supremacy is only a ideology…the creator didn’t create a superior race

Jim Crow-A white actor in the early 1830’s by the names of Thomas Dartmouth Rice, a native New York, started preforming a theater act called “Jumping Jim Crow” or “Jump Crow”, consequently the Jim Crow Law, was birth as a results of what Rice created as a derogatory term too make fun of blacks. In a interview Rice claimed to have first created the character after witnessing an elderly Black man singing a tune called “Jump Jim Crow” in Louisville, Kentucky. …

Preserving and promoting American Indian languages

Native Americans Languages & Native Languages of the Americas:

Preserving and promoting American Indian languages

Revitalizing Indigenous Languages

Bands in Stead of Tribes


Personal Abstract

In my personal opinion as too why that this has happened throughout history, this is that the nature of the conquerors using behavior patterns, which are used by the conquistadors who they are professional warriors, using Old World tactics, short-swords, and cavalry to conquer and control the native people living in peaceful harmony within the parameters of nature. A quick note to all the readers of my research…

Indigenous Languages Must Be Reactivated in the American Schools

Why is it important to protect indigenous languages?

This research and assignment too me is personal, as well for edification. The subject matter has always been somewhat not to clear as to why so much mystery surrounds this part of American history. When the very native people of this land, languages was preserved. As I mentioned in my research paper of my personal connection to this very subject. It’s part of my history as well to learn as much as possible about my heritage and the words that was spoken and…

Hammers, Guns, Gas Masks, Military Flax Jackets, and Bear Spray.

People with a plan attack…Black Lives Matter protesters never showed up at peaceful rallies with the combat items mentioned above. Let look at a video, with more than a dozen men wearing assault force-type garb push up the Capitol steps in a line, cutting through the dense crowd toward the building’s doors. In another a woman in a pink hat gives directions via megaphone to others inside the building, telling them where to go. This was a plan onslaught upon the Capitol showing several men, including two who made it…

There’s Some GOP Members Who Voted Against Raising the National Hourly Wages to $15

When the bill reached the floor of the US House of Representatives…but nonetheless they’re receiving the benefits and hefty wages…Mmm

Americans here’s the evidence and possibly deciding factors during the midterm elections, please remember those members from your states who voted against making the national hourly wages of $15 dollars per hour.

BUT Most GOP Senator’s Vote Against Raising the Hourly Wages of the Average Americans

Speaker of the House (salary of $223,500), President pro tempore of the Senate and the majority and minority leaders in…


Ibrahim A. Arrahim has studied and observed men’s fashion since he was 12 years old. He says, “It’s my life’s passion to be very involved in this tradition a

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